New trend: Physicist trolling (?) spam

I saw this tweet on Twitter:

Looks interesting. Basic Google search for “the modern physics is a pseudo-science in hundred percent” displayed one result, a post from a Swedish blog. And the spam mail, about "the Nobel Commitee":[1]

Subject: Changes at The Nobel Committe
Welcome dear Colleague,
In the last 100 years we donated many Nobel Prizes for worthless and speculative theories and models. Also was a big mistake to donate Nobel Prize to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs for their ridiculous boson theory. Joseph Incandela and his team issued a speculative explanation. They said that they detected 133 proton mass Higgs boson. It proved to be a lie, because they detected only 4 muons and 2 photons. The mass of these is altogether 0.4 proton mass. We are considering to withdraw the undeservedly received Nobel Prizes and we put a proposal because of removal of Joseph Incandela and his team from the management of CERN.
In the future we don't want to donate more Nobel Prizes for ridiculous, worthless and speculative theories and models. Why did so the Nobel Committe? In this year we received two papers in an email from "The Hungarian", who is a hungarian reformer physicist. He demonstrated that the modern physics is a pseudo-science in hundred percent and he described with eight digits accuracy the electromagnetic physics of photons, X-ray-photons, gamma-photons, muons, electrons and all atoms, thus solving all the problems in particle and nuclear physics. At the same time he uncovered the fraud of Joseph Incandela and his team. The papers of "The Hungarian" you can read below.
We think so that in this year the Nobel Winner should be "The Hungarian". Please let us know if you are in agreement or opposition with our decision. You can contact me in any way as are below. Thank you in advance. Best regards,
"The Distinguished Professor" The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Member of Class for Physics Professor Emeritus "City" University

First at all, you were sending this ridiculous mail to physicists. No further comment.

[1] Bierlich, Christian. "Fysikerspam." Ingeniøren. 29 Sept. 2015. Web. 30 Sept. 2015. <>.


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